About Magnesita

Magnesita is a global company dedicated to mining, producing and marketing an extensive line of refractory materials and various services.

Magnesita offers over 25 thousand different types of refractory products, providing the widest range of products for the industry. The product lines range from monolithic materials and conventional bricks to fine porcelain, all with the goal of lining equipment operating at high temperatures.

Magnesita offers complete and customized services related to our core business, from simple maintenance to industrial installations and assistance with the operations of our customers as they relate to the use of refractories.

Committed to the best results for its customers, Magnesita also has a pioneering model for services called CPP – Cost per Performance – where the remuneration is directly linked to customer performance, and not just the amount of refractories sold.

Magnesita is a leader in the supply of refractories to the steel and cement industries in South America, and to the stainless steel industry in North America and Europe.

Magnesita facts & figures

  • Among the three major players in the refractory industry, and a leader in integrated refractory solutions
  • Revenue of USD975m in 2016
  • Production on 4 continents, global supply for over 1000 customers worldwide in more than 100 countries
  • 13 units of In-Client Operations
  • Production in 8 countries
  • More than 6,500 employees
  • Services and refractories are mainly used by the major steel, cement and nonferrous makers in the world
  • Magnesita has a history of over 100 years of expertise in refractory and industrial minerals, creating value for its customers



in US$ million 2016 2015
Revenues: 974.5 1012.6
EBITDA: 151.4 145.0
EBIT: 133.9 -57.1
Net Income: 133.2 -297.6